Cross Country

Your Guide to Cross Country Season

Once the LRRL finishes at the end of the summer, our focus, when it comes to mass club participation, firmly shifts to the winter’s schedule of cross country races. On this page you will find a guide to which races the club takes part in and how you can get involved.

Worried about what to wear and what shoes you’ll need? Click here.

The Derby Runner Cross Country League


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This league is the club’s primary focus with regards to members’ attendance and participation.
These races are closed events, meaning only members of affiliated clubs can take part, so runners must wear club kit. Your ability to enter these races can therefore be considered one of the main benefits of your membership.

Please contact Beth Waite if you need to purchase a club top/vest.

The league consists of six races for the 2019/20 season, for details check below or go to the club’s calendar page.

Entry for each race is a bargain at only £3 to £6, and there will be no need to clear your calendar to try and enter online, you simply turn up on the day!
Races typically start 11:00 and are roughly 5-7 miles in length.


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As far as the competition goes, the men need eight runners to score, and the ladies need four. As competitive as the events can be, the atmosphere is supremely low-key and hugely friendly.

And while the courses can be quite muddy and hilly, with the occasional water obstacle or snowstorm, the challenging nature of the event is more than matched by the cakes and treats brought along to enjoy at the finish!

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Remember, Beaumont needs YOU for these races! It doesn’t matter whether you’re liable to finish first or last, whether you’re a veteran or you’ve never done a cross country before, your participation is equally vital, meaningful and appreciated!

And while you can score on an individual basis throughout the league, there is no pressure or requirement for you to try and do all the races on an ‘all or nothing’ basis. This applies to all leagues and events outlined on this page.
Just come along to as many as you can!

The North Midlands Cross Country League

Consists of four races throughout the season; the good news is that entry to all races is completely free to members. And just as with the Derby Runner League, all you need to do is turn up, no sign up required!  Races take place on a Saturday and start later in the day than most races, typically after 1:30 pm. It should also be noted that the women’s race is controversially shorter (~6km) than the men’s (10km).

Five men and three women are needed to score for the team.

The races in this league are considered slightly more technical and are known to attract a more competitive field, but the club would highly encourage all its members to take part in order to gain new experiences and challenge themselves. The races are also a little further away than usual so the more people available to share transport the better!

Championship Events

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In addition to the league races, there are one-off, high profile championship events on the calendar that the club, being affiliated to England Athletics, has the privilege of entering. The club pays your entry to these events, so you just need to turn up!

However competitive the field may be, the club would encourage any and all to attend. While your finishing position may take a hit from what it usually might be and the course is somehow that extra bit muddier than you thought a XC could be, participation at these prestigious events can give you that unique sense of pride that you can only get from representing your club at a championship event.

The events are split by local area and the athletics bodies that represent such areas, progressing from the…
County Championships – in our case the LRAA (Leicester & Rutland Athletics Association)
to the
Area Championships – in our case the MCAA (Midland Counties Athletics Association)
And after the various county and area championships take place around the country, we go to the …
National Championships (run by the ECCA,  The English Cross Country Association)


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