In the winter the club meets on Monday, and Thursday evenings for training sessions from Braunstone Leisure Centre, and from Bradgate Park Newtown Linford in the summer. The club meets at Saffron Lane athletics track on Wednesday nights throughout the year.

Last club night  for 2016 is Thursday 15 December 2016 then back on Thursday 5 January 2017.

We finish at Braunstone Leisure Centre on Thursday 20 April 2017 and start at Bradgate Park after the Easter break on Monday 24 April 2017.

Monday evening – Club Run

When: 18:45 – 20:15
Where: Braunstone Leisure Centre (Summer – Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford car park)
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Our Monday night club session is a standard club run. We meet in the Braunstone Leisure Centre activity room upstairs (Winter) or the Newtown Linford car park (Summer) for notices/news and then to arrange groups based on ability before heading out for a run at around 7.10pm.

Wednesday evening – Track Session

When: Session 1 – 19:00 – 20:00
Where: Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium, Leicester
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Our Wednesday night session is a coached session focussed on improving running technique through drills, exercises to develop running specific strength and interval sessions to work on running speed and stamina.

Thursday evening – Intervals

When: 18:45 – 20:15
Where: Braunstone Leisure Centre (Summer – Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford car park)
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We meet as described for Monday club night but this time usually for interval sessions. The club will split in to 1 or 2 groups based on ability and take part in some Interval Training focussing on important skills such as running up and down hills, change of pace and speed sessions.

Summer 2017 Training Plan:

18/5 old john/saddle – yee hah!
25/2 Square next to the ruins – be cool not square for this one
1/6 monument hill – historic significance
8/6 rectangle in the middle of the park – flat but fun
1/6 monument hill – historic significancetve there after notices I suspect!
22/6 plantation/golf course hill – you need to see this to believe it and car park by Old John for me after notices.

Everyone welcome – inclusive and different and the hills are alive with the sound of “finish in your head – polite thoughts only”. Phil Chritchlow is the committee lead for any questions.

Saturday morning – Braunstone parkrun

When: 08:45 – 09:45
Where: Braunstone Park, Braunstone, Leicester
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Every Saturday morning, Beaumonters meet at the local parkrun event either to run, volunteer or just to cheer the runners on. parkrun is a free weekly timed 5k run. It starts at 9am each Saturday.


County Running Standards

Pease refer to the Leicestershire Vision 2020 Athletics Network for more details about County Standards. We are collating all LRRL results and other results as provided to Results Secretary (Raj Raginder).


All club standards claim forms should be returned to Club Secretary by the end of November. Certificates are presented at the club’s annual awards/nibbles night in January.

A self-certificate proforma is available from the Club Secretary.

BRC results claim form

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