The club meets on Monday and Thursday evenings for training sessions from Braunstone Leisure Centre (October РApril), and from Bradgate Park РNewtown Linford car park (April РOctober). In addition, the club often meets  on Wednesday nights for Functional Fitness and on Sundays, members will often organise longer, more casual runs.

Monday evening – Club Run

When: 18:45 – 20:15
Braunstone Leisure Centre (Winter)
Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford car park (Summer)

Our Monday night club session is a standard club run. We meet at Braunstone Leisure Centre (Winter) or the Newtown Linford car park (Summer) for notices/news and then to arrange groups based on ability before heading out for a run at around 7.00pm.

Tuesday evening – Functional Fitness

When: 18:30
: Details are posted in our private Facebook group.

On Wednesday evenings the club is extremely lucky to have one of its members, Neil, offer a functional fitness session to all current members. The session involves a circuit of challenging exercises that serve as an excellent bit of cross-training for our runners.

Thursday evening – Club Run/Intervals

When: 18:45 – 20:15
New College Cycle Circuit (Winter)
Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford car park (Summer)

We meet as described for Monday club night. In the summer we take on the challenge of “Phil’s Hills”, a multi- week programme of hill repeats that takes you through the famous sights, wildlife and rolling terrain of Bradgate Park. So called because they have been famously led for years without fail by our very own Phil Chritchlow, who has cut his teeth in Bradgate on his way to his many accomplishments over the years.

In the winter we deliver a 30 odd week programme of interval sessions that focus on improving our technique, running economy and speed.

Everyone is welcome – sessions are inclusive and different – providing members with that all important variety in their training.

Saturday morning – Braunstone parkrun

When: 08:45 – 09:45
Where: Braunstone Park, Braunstone, Leicester
Map: click here

Every Saturday morning, Beaumonters meet at the local parkrun event either to run, volunteer or just to cheer the runners on. parkrun is a free weekly timed 5k run. It starts at 9am each Saturday.

Braunstone parkrun is our nearest and most frequented by our members.


Sunday – Long Runs

On Sundays many of our members will look to join in on casual, longer runs. These can include training runs for the Charnwood Hills Race, marathon training runs or simply a long, slow run with chat and refreshments along the way. Details are typically posted in the members’ facebook group each week.