Awards 2015

Beaumont Running Club Annual Awards 2015.

  • Club Man
  • Club Lady
  • Committee Man
  • Committee Lady
  • Most Improved Man
  • Most Improved Lady
  • Marathon Award
  • Endurance Award *New for 2015
  • London Marathon draw for 2016
Club Man 2015 Steve Gibson20151207_211814
It was great to see many people were voted for in this category. But from the start it was clear there was only one winner.
Seems his winning streak is continuing with P1 now becoming a familiar sight next to his name. Not only does he perform brilliantly, he also goes out of his way to organise additional cross country events he’s also a very active member of the committee. He’s migrated the website to the new platform, took the lead in the new kit design as well. He  rallies the runners for the events and has instigated the yorkie bar challenge. He really is a great asset for the club.  For the second year running Beaumont’s Club Man of the year is Steve Gibson.
Club Lady 2015 Danni Mayes20151207_211941
Danni does so much for the club. She’s runs nearly all the races and makes sure the milestone Parkruns are celebrated brilliantly. Danni encourages all the ladies,  especially in the cross countries that can appear intimidating at first. She is also an active member of the committee. Ensuring we have a nice post race beverage to enjoy. For the 2nd year running Danni Mayes is our club lady with an overwhelming majority voted by the other members.
Committee Man Ray Robinson20151207_211506
This is in recognition of someone who is universally liked within the club. He occasionally gives us a scare and can even sometimes remember finishing races. First in his category and he still thinks he can improve! Diamond Standard in the league awards as well. The only improvements to be made are on his one liners 😉
Ray Robinson.
Committee Lady Debbie Kilmister20151207_211644
Debbie has had a brilliant year running. She has completed the Paris Marathon, has been the first Beaumont lady in a decade to run the full Race the Train event. Hopefully she has inspired other Beaumonter’s to take on some of the longer distance events.  Debbie Kilmister
Most improved awards. These are as the name suggests. Thanks to Mike Higgott for putting this together for us.
Most Improved Lady Amanda Palmer20151207_212134
This is a great award as it’s an objective view of how someone has improved in the last 12 months compared to the previous year. So its great to receive it as a way of acknowledging the improvement.
Amanda Palmer
Most Improved Man Ross Tyrell20151207_212032
As well as being the most improved man he has also PB’ed his marathon in less than ideal circumstances after a dentist visit and still did an amazing time Ross Tyrell
Marathon Award Bryan Shipley20151207_212435
This is the award voted for by the members for someone who has completed one or many marathons in the year. The criteria is very wide, who has impressed you, who has overcame an injury to complete or someone who has completed their first. Bryan completed Paris, Edinburgh and the tough Glencoe marathon in 2015. This clearly inspired many of us as the voting shows.
Beaumont’s Marathon Man for 2015 Bryan Shipley.
Endurance Award Ian Murdey20151207_212759
This is a new award for 2015.
We had two members compete in the event Equinox 24.  Ian Murdey and Karl Wilkins.  This was a colossal undertaking. How many 10km laps can you complete in 24 hours.  Karl managed 15 laps and Ian completed 17. Truly staggering.  On top of this Ian also completed the Gower Penninsula 50 miler. This has inspired BRC to enter two teams of eight and four solo runners in next years event. The inaugural Endurance award for 2015 goes to Ian Murdey
Each year we are allocated a place(s) in the London Marathon, normally this is two but due to the large amount of Good For
Age entries this was only one this year. Bryan Shipley drew the name out of the trophy. For 2016 the London Marathon place goes to :-
Hugh Platt. Good Luck!20151207_213047