Annual Club Awards 2015 & Club Membership Renewal 2016

Award Winner 2008 Nibbles Night
Award Winners 2008 Nibbles Night

Annual Club Awards & Membership Renewals

Dear All

It’s now just a month away from the Annual Awards Presentations at the Nibbles night. We need your votes to choose some of the award winners. It’s also time to renew your Beaumont membership for 2016. Further details for both of these items are included below.

Club Nibbles & Awards Night

Club annual nibbles night is at New Parks Leisure Centre bar at 8.15pm onwards on Monday 7 December 2015. Always enjoyable and excellent family occasion. Please register your votes for the three awards voted for by members by clicking the Club Chairman’s email address, completing the form and sending it to [email protected] (If you click the email address link it will open an email which already has the award details, you just need to add your nominee’s name next to each award)

The three awards are:

  • Club Woman of the year 2015
  • Club Man of the year 2015
  • Marathon award 2015

The idea is to choose a club member who you think deserves to be recognised, They may not necessarily have posted the fastest time or the highest placed finish. It could be someone that has helped you with your own running or that has made an effort to support others and the club.

Below are some of the Beaumont runners that have ran a marathon in 2015:

  • Gareth Wilkins (3) – Paris 3:55:22, London 3:49:53, Edinburgh 3:49:01
  • Karl Wilkins – Valencia 2:47:59
  • Ross Tyrrell – Shakespeare 3:13:03
  • Bryan Shipley (3) – Paris 3:25:47, Glen Coe 4:35:01, Edinburgh 3:27:20
  • Ian Parker – London 2:58:22
  • Ian Murdey – Leicester 3:07:08
  • Tom Lee – Rotterdam 2:46:14
  • Hitesh Laad – London 4:43:43
  • Debbie Kilmister – Paris 4:05:29
  • Rob Jinks (2) – London 3:17:00, Valencia 3:10:45
  • Rob Holt – Edinburgh 3:58:47
  • Steve Gibson – Leicester 2:52:17
  • Cliff Fung – London 4:28:12
  • Gareth Coyle – Stratford 3:40:20
  • Phil Chritchlow – Valencia 3:03:05

Also, remember to complete your record of achievement for LRRL standards by completing the results form by clicking here to download the word document and sending it as soon as possible to: [email protected]

Membership Renewal

It’s also that time of year when you need to renew your club membership. Despite England Athletics increasing the membership fee for individuals we are freezing our fees for 2016 at £25 for those members who want to enter races as an affiliated club member.

The FULL membership gives you a £2 discount on the entry fee for most UK Athletics accredited races which could save you quite a few pounds over a full 12 month season.

The club have agreed to cover the entry costs for the DerbyRunner XC League and North Mids XC League races for all full membership runners in the 2016 season.

The CLUB Membership is £18 for members that do not want to race or be affiliated with England Athletics

The HONORARY Membership is for those loyal to the club but that don’t want to or cannot race or attend club nights.

Please click the email address to open a new email which is already populated with the personal detail sections required. Just put your information next to each category and then send to: [email protected] and then bring a cheque or cash to the Nibbles night or a normal club night to renew your membership

Happy running and stay safe as the dark nights draw-in.