Coniston 14

Coniston 14

On Saturday 24th March a contingent of the club took a trip up to the Lake District to take part in the Coniston 14 Race. The course was undulating but extremely enjoyable with some fantastic views along the way.


Congrats to Tom who finished 15th and received a slate plaque as part of his prize. Philip Chritchlow won a vet prize and came in 23rd and Robert also did brilliantly, coming in at position 32. All three finished within 1:30:00 which is exceptional for a distance of 14 miles.

In addition to the guys, Charlotte Leeds came in at position 259. She was apparently, “too busy looking at the scenery as well as a spectacular rainbow”, which she adds that “the lads missed as they were too fast!”.


In summary, Charlotte reported that it was a great event, well organised and highly recommended. We’ll heed your words Charlotte and hope your little expedition inspires more of us to join you next year!