Special General Meeting 15 October 2015 – Club Colours

A Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Club held on 15 October 2015 at New Parks Leisure Centre was called for by the Club committee meeting held on 21 August 2015. The purpose was to review and possibly change the club constitution rule regarding club colours.

The constitution Rule 12 prior to the SGM stated “The Club colours shall be a white vest with green lettering and the Beaumont logo across the chest. Members shall wear the Club colours whenever representing the club.”

After debate it was voted unanimously by members present to now state “The Club colours shall be a white vest with green lettering, or a green vest with white lettering. The Beaumont logo is to be shown at the front, or front and back.”

This change now allows the current kit to continue whilst the Club committee to continue to develop a refreshed club logo and kit colour schemes for winter and summer seasons. Initial ideas on the logo were also considered at the AGM for feedback to the Club committee.