Thornton 12 hour Relay

Annual Fundraising Event 2015

The club’s annual charity fundraising relay took place on Saturday 27 June 2015 between 0500 and 1700. This year we are donating funds raised to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Phil, Rahim and Frank got everything up and running for 0500 and Rahim then did more than his fair share in the first 2 hours. There is no camping or practical equipment that Phil doesn’t have and we enjoyed the pop-up gazebo, new club table and hot water urns, and lots of essential supplies such as water and bananas. Family, friends and club runners came and went and we had nearly 20 people at peak time enjoying the weather and friendly banter. Terry provided cheer and  quiet support to make sure the event ran smoothly.

Rob and Ross took the honours for the fastest lap and Odhran for metronome precision for 2 separate laps at 16 minutes per lap.  Karen making a comeback and new club members such as Beth, Lisa, Raj and Kelly embracing the event were other stand-outs.

We raised over £300 on the day thanks to the generosity of our members and family and should surpass over £500 in total. The main route for funds is the Justgiving site:

An event for all to enjoy and impressive charitable fund raising.

Final update – a grand total of £638.60 raised. Brilliant and many thanks to all runners and supporters.

List of runners’ times

31st Anniversary Results

Frank Lusk

Frank and Phil taking charge of building the gazebo and sorting out the refreshments