Thursday 30th July – Bradgate Park all clubs coaching session

Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network has invited all clubs and running groups to a coached hill session in Bradgate Park on Thursday 30th July starting at 7pm from Hallgates carpark Cropston. All abilities are welcome and it will make for an interesting club night for us. Afterwards at the Bradgate Arms Cropston. The kitchen closes at 9pm so if you want to pre-order food you need to drop in and book on the way.


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One thought on “Thursday 30th July – Bradgate Park all clubs coaching session”

  1. Clear, warm night and Hallgates carpark was filled with club runners from all over the county. After a mass warm-up groups split up into 5k times eg sub-20 mins and a hill coaching session. About 10 club members attended and 4 of us tackled the “hills in a year” coaching session covering the key points to consider with hill training throughout the running year. Have an annual training plan with specific events to aim for were the key messages from the coaches. Good fun and mixing with other club runners in a non-competitive environment was very enjoyable.

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