Code of Conduct

Members of Beaumont Running Club are members of the club at all times. Your behaviour reflects back directly on the club whatever the situation or venue, on the field and off it, online or in real life. The code of conduct below reflects our core values and ethos and as a member, you agree to abide by it.

As a member of Beaumont Running Club you will

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every member, athlete, coach, technical official and any other person involved at the club or in athletics.

Uphold values of sportsmanship, both on and off the field.

Anticipate and be responsible for your own needs in regards to club activities and competition.

Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport and the club such as inclusivity and fairness and  never condone rule violations or inappropriate behaviour. This includes the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances for use in competition.

Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as coaches, technical officials, team managers, doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists and representatives of the governing bodies in the best interests of yourself and other athletes.

Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards everyone.

Avoid using abusive, irresponsible and confrontational language and behaviour. This includes behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse.

Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others.

Avoid destructive behaviour, including littering, during club activities and at competitions. Leave athletics venues as you find them.

Avoid carrying any items that could be dangerous to yourself or others (excluding athletics equipment used in the course of athletics activities).

Place the health, welfare and safety of yourself and others above other all other considerations including the development of performance.

Guidelines for younger athletes and vulnerable adults for safe participation

Notify someone if you have to leave a club activity or competition unexpectedly.

Do not respond to requests for private information.

Use safe transport and travel arrangements; never accept lifts in cars or invitations into homes from people you don’t know or trust.

Report any accidental injury, distress, misunderstanding or misinterpretation to the club as soon as possible.

Report any suspected misconduct by coaches or other people involved in athletics to the club as soon as possible.

Social Media

Social media (including personal and professional websites, blogs, chat rooms and bulletin boards; social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram; video-sharing sites such as YouTube) are a common means of communication and self-expression.

It’s essential that members make informed decisions about how they use the internet and electronic communications to protect our club, its members and their families.

Everyone involved in our club has the responsibility to safeguard both on and off the field.

Beaumont RC social media and use of online services policy

Members should use their best judgement at all times, as well as be respectful, kind and civil.

Members will refrain from sharing anywhere and at any time:

Any content published on private, members-only groups and forums.

Anything shared, disclosed and discussed between members during club activities.

Anything shared, disclosed and discussed in a setting open to members only.

The personal information of other members.

Without prior consent, members will refrain from sharing and referencing information that is confidential or personal to the club and to other members.

Refrain from publishing comments about other clubs, members, officials or any other individuals involved in relevant athletic activities.

Avoid hostile or harassing communications in any posts or other online communications. Harassment is any offensive conduct based on a person’s race, sex, gender identity, national origin, colour, disability, age sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, religion or any other status protected by law.

The club and its members should identify all copyrighted or borrowed material with citations and links. When publishing direct paraphrased quotes, thoughts, ideas, photos or videos, give credit to the original publisher or author.

The club has the right to review and remove posts, comments, responses and to resolve any concerns before any such actions are taken.

If a member encounters another online participant who posts an inaccurate, accessory or negative comment about the club or anyone associated with the club, the member should not reply but seek advice from your NGB/CSP, Sport England or the administrator of the platform or forum where it was posted.

Members shall not use the club’s social platforms for marketing purposes and be aware of the use of brands and products in photos and during club activities.

Members should take due care in protecting the security of accounts used to participate in social media. Suspicions of hacking or data breaches that could affect the club and its members should be raised with the club and the platform in question immediately.

Platform-specific guidelines:

The minimum age for creating a Facebook account is 13. Underage users (of any platform) will be reported by the club to respective service providers.